April Update - 2022

Written By Chalice Investors
April 28, 2022 8:21 PM

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April | Campaigns

Private Stash Launch + Event, Best Buds App, 420, Magazine Launch, Dave Chappelle, & MORE!

Magazine Launch - Summer of Love Edition!


Find the magazine on the shelves of all Chalice Branded Locations!

Private Stash Launch + Event!

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Launching a whole new line of products that include:

Legacy Line Cartridges- Taking it back to the beginning and recreating the original strains we know and love including Jack Herer, Maui Wowie, Acapulco Gold & MORE!

Fruit Flavored Cartridges- From "You're a Fineapple" to "Tropic like it's Hot" these cartridges are distillate infused with a high potency that offers a smell and taste that is exactly like your favorite fruit flavor!

Strain Series Cartridges- These cartridges mimic a specific flower strain! Each batch varies so you are sure to find your favorite strain in a convenient inhalable cartridge right at your fingertips?  

Distillate & RSO infused Fruit Blasts- Offered in the same amazing fruit flavors as the fruit flavored cartridges with the added 3 full spectrum flavors! With the OLCC law change from 50mg to 100mg on April 1st these blasts are tasty and potent!

Liquid Blasts- Speaking of potency, these amazing little bottles pack a big punch! With 250mg of THC packed into 2 fluid ounces these blasts bring the best of edibles and tinctures into one. Did we mention its great taste?

Groovy Doobie- With 5 grams of strain specific flower this doobie speaks for itself! Equipped with a spiral tip for maximum enjoyment!

Stash Stick & Stash Sticks - Choose just 1 full gram or 5 half grams these stash sticks are all distillate infused with amazing fruit flavor. 


We threw an event launch party on April 2nd equipped with live music and food trucks to kickstart the Private Stash line! 


NEW! Best Buds App

In conjunction to our new loyalty program we launched Chalice+ Best Buds App!

Equipped with direct messaging, online ordering, and point profile!

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Sign Up Now Button??


420 Campaign!

420 isn't just one day for us at Chalice, we had 10 days of 420 deals! With specific vendor partners we spread the love by highlighting different categories every day! With a big 50% off of ALL vendors on 420 itself, this year we had our most successful 420 EVER! 

420 2022 Graphic

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Dave Chappelle 4/20 Show Raffle:

We raffled off 8 tickets for Chappelle's show at the Moda Center on 4/20! 

 dave chappelle

News Coverage:

Check out our feature on Koin News 6 this year for 420!

Check it Out!

Chalice Farms Launches Metaverse!

To kick the Metaverse off with a bang the team put together a 420 event that highlights all of the Legacy Strains that are apart of the Private Stash Line! As well as offering an exclusive Chalice Farms NFT!







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