July Update - 2022

Written By Chalice Investors
August 11, 2022 7:08 PM

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July | Campaigns

4th of July, Belushi + Blues Festival, New Loyalty Program, 7/10, Elysium Fields Cold Cured Rosin Product Launch, and More!




4th of July

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We started the month off  by celebrating Independence Day and our new store locations. Giving our customers some fun discounts to help celebrate our freedom and the chance to check out our new Chalice branded locations. 


Belushi + Waterfront Blues Festival

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This year for the Waterfront's annual Blues Festival, we decided to raffle off two pairs of tickets via our Chalice Farms app! Two lucky winners got to attend and 

We partnered with Jim Belushi and his brand for the Festival, he even joined the festivities and helped customers out at our Naito location! 

New Loyalty Program

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This month we launched our New Best Buds Loyalty Program in conjunction to our Chalice Farms app. This new rewards program allows us to introduce a new program that offers deep discounts on THC infused products! This new program also allows us to set up member exclusive deals that gives customers unique discounts on all of our in-house brands and products. 

Happy 7/10!

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Get Concentrated! We celebrated 7/10 this year by partnering with some amazing brands that offer some great oil choices. Including our own exceptional dabs and cartridges from our Elysium Fields line, our RXO line, and our Private Stash line.

We also broke down the why, what, and how of concentrates to help eliminate any reservations consumers may have about dabbing. While also introducing a potentially new way to consume and enjoy cannabis. 

NEW Product Launch!


EF Cold Cured Rosin (1)

This month we launched our NEW Elysium Fields Cold Cured Rosin dabs.

This new premium solventless concentrate is created using cold water to gently extract trichomes from fresh-frozen plant material. The resulting trichomes are separated by size and freeze-dried to remove all moisture, placed into filter bags and pressed between two heated plates to extract the resin from inside of the trichomes. The resulting product is called fresh press rosin!

Shop our 3 initial strains: Frankenpines Monster, Mountain Top Kush Cake, and Blue Star Dawg.


NEW Flower Wall


We redesigned our flower wall from our Reserve tier with exclusive releases to our Value tier with great prices, all without sacrificing the quality. We continue to put premium cannabis flower on our shelves and offer a variety of tiers for every consumer.  






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